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At Leverage, we believe that inside every independent operator there's a hero just waiting to emerge.  We understand the struggle to stay ahead of increasing license fees, combating higher bad debt rates and increasing competition. We understand the struggle because the team at Leverage has over 15 years experience working for independent operators.  During this time, we have learned a few tricks of the trade.  We've tapped into our inner hero and Leverage exists to help you tap into yours!  Whether you need ongoing assistance or just have a one-time project you would prefer to hand off, the team at Leverage is standing by to become your secret weapon!  Visit our MSO Toolbox page for samples of how Leverage can make your life easier, bring down your operating costs and save you time. 

Leverage has pioneered a process for NCTC members to simplify monthly programming reporting.  Find out how Leverage can save you hours each month by allowing your monthly subscriber updates to be automatically imported to the NCTC plus our automation allows remittance advice for direct payments to networks or broadcasters to be automatically emailed to the appropriate vendor saving you time and money. 

Learn more about how Leverage can level the playing field for you by contacting us today.



Project-based pricing for short-term needs or monthly plans for ongoing assistance.

Access to experienced cable talent without the expense of a full-time employee.

Allow us to identify savings on programming and franchise fees.

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