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 - SmallheroAt Leverage Cable Consulting, we strive to make life easier for the independent operator.  As a member of the NCTC, you already realize the importance of partnership.  Leverage Cable Consulting is proud to provide assistance to a number of NCTC members today, and we look forward to the future of expanding partnership across the NCTC membership.  Please visit our MSO Toolbox page for details on how Leverage Cable Consulting can level the playing field for you!

Project Examples

Channel lineup analysis.  Are you maximizing your savings on channel placement discounts? Are there out-of-contract or soon-to-expire networks that could be considered for elimination or reposition on your lineup?  Are you missing key content? 

Contract negotiation. Do you need to renegotiate an agreement with a non-NCTC member?  Do you have unique circumstances that are not addressed by the NCTC deal? Let us work with programmers to address your needs.

Accounting solutions and automation.  Allow us to create an Excel-based programming database for  your NCTC and direct pay programming deals. Our unique automation process will update the NCTC as well as direct payment programming vendors with current subscriber counts and lineup information.  You will also receive monthly payment vouchers for processing payments.  Simply hand these to your accounting group to cut the check - Leverage will take care of the rest.   Direct payment programming vendors will receive an automated email report that will include payment remittance advice.  Let us empower your decision-making with timely and accurate financial information.  We can simply provide an initial consultation to automate and streamline processes or we can handle payments and financial statements monthly.  Utilize this database on an ongoing basis to quickly identify costs of programming tiers or project costs for next year. 

The database will include handy information such as contract expiration dates, notations of any auto-renewal clauses, contracted rates for future years, DMA designation and much more. 

Keep the information most important to your single largest expense organized and at your fingertips!  Sound like something you can't live without?  You're right - once you are experiencing control and organization, you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.  Contact us today to get a customized quote for set-up and monthly maintenance. 

Cost savings audit. Let us evaluate your current monthly payments to insure that you are paying correctly. Pennies can add up quickly across any subscriber base. You may be paying for a network that was dropped last year! Let us help you be certain that you are paying accurately. We will work with you to generate any credit uncovered and include a memo of explanation to the appropriate network group.  This audit process can save you money and will reduce audit exposure.

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