Pricing Information

Leverage is always pleased to provide customized quotes for any project or ongoing service arrangement.  Please contact us to discuss your unique needs, and we will provide customized pricing. 

For your convenience, pricing for some common services is provided below. 

Programming Payment Automation Process - What's included?
Payment vouchers provided
Monthly accrual provided
Software license for direct pay programmers email notification
Remittance advice provided electronically via email to programmers each month
Rate tracking provided based on your contracts
Contract renewal reminder service
NCTC automated import file (eliminates the need to hand key sub updates on NCTC site)
Leverage is available to field programmer questions on your payments each month

Pricing as low as $100 per month per lineup plus set-up cost.
Set-up is required and quoted based on lineups and existing documentation. 

Contract negotiation
Pricing as low as $750 per contract for a single network deal. Contact us for a quote on multiple network deals

Semi-Annual Copyright Filing
Pricing as low as $200 per short form.

Monthly Retainer Plans
Get all the benefits of an employee without all the cost associated with adding head count!  
Monthly retainer plans with Leverage give you ongoing support and include our participation in regularly scheduled conference calls, lineup analysis, contract negotiation, accounting support and functions, ongoing representation with industry partners such as network afilliate sales representatives and much more. 

Monthly plan starting as low as $1,000 per month depending on the number of lineups and services desired.  

 Partnering with Independent Cable Operators to Level the Playing Field.