Annual Business Review & Planning

one-time project based price $2995*

Just as you might make an appointment for your annual physical, it may be time for your business to get a check-up.

How well is your business positioned for 2019?

  • How can your company save on programming?

  • What opportunities are there for new packaging and pricing?

  • What statistical targets should I try to hit?

  • What customer behavior trends can help me make better decisions?

What is included in the Annual Business Review & Planning process?

  • You and your team will walk away with a roadmap for the next 12 months.

  • You will receive a comprehensive list of key metrics that you can use to drive future business decisions.

  • Annotated report summarizing indicators and key drivers around each metric set.

  • Recommendations on pricing alternatives.

  • Recommendations on campaign opportunities.

  • Suggested changes to the video content offering and associated bundles.

  • Best practices checklist regarding video content.

  • High level review of OTT partnerships available.

The telecom industry is changing rapidly! Take time now to learn from how it’s been done in the past and make the necessary adjustments for your future business planning.

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

—Winston Churchill

Leverage offers the Annual Business Review & Planning option help to cable, internet and telecom companies become intentional in addressing business decisions. Being intentional will translate into optimizing profits and less frustration for your team. We’ll dig into subscriber data, packaging and pricing, programming contracts. You will walk away with a written road map for 2019 and the benefit of the fresh perspective provided by experts in the industry.

Each Annual Business Review includes a one-hour phone session with the Leverage team to review the roadmap and other deliverables.

Free Access to Leverage Team & Ongoing Support

Have a quick 10-minute question? Give us a call anytime in the 12-months following your Annual Business Review. We’re happy to speak to you free of charge.

Need ongoing support? Leverage provides a Quarterly Review option to help your team stay on track or re-calibrate as needed throughout the year. Quarterly Reviews are billed at $750* each.

Ready to schedule your Annual Business Review & Planning session?

Call us at 314.200.9225 or email Cheryl Summers at

 *applies to residential customer accounts for up to 10 channel lineups and no more than 100,000 total subscriptions (voice, video, broadband). Customized quotes are provided for companies outside these parameters.



Intentional Review and Planning Helps You:

Make this next year the best ever!

Know where your data is leading you.

Evolve with the industry.

LET’S TALK! Schedule your Annual Business Review and Planning Session with the Leverage experts today!