Outsourced Video Content Management

starting at $1500/month

Whether you're a traditional cable operator, a telco offering video or a new entrant into the video and internet space, you need expertise in this area more than ever. Leverage Cable Consulting offers a turn-key solution providing best-in-class video management expertise on an outsourced basis. 

Initial Review for all Turn-Key Clients:

• Business review:  Communities served, customer composition, competitive landscape, best practices

• Channel lineup review / compliance review

• Product review (residential, bulk, commercial, hospitality)

• Contract review / contract compliance review

• Billing remittance process review – what does this look like today?  Direct deals, NCTC?

• Cost savings optimization: channel positioning discounts,    marketing co-op fund options; service level issues,    migration opportunities?

Monthly Services:

• Bi-weekly or monthly call with management and key staff.

• Create Monthly Checklist

• Monitor compliance issues: launch, distribution, packaging,  channel placement obligations

• Communicate programmer promotions and marketing  funds available

• Track NCTC rate changes, launch & distribution obligations

• Be an informational resource for video strategy and  business development

• Insure programmer notices, etc. are sent on time (renewals,  auto-renewals, etc.)

• Maintain channel lineup and contract database

• Review NCTC website: capture and report important information

• Primary liaison between content programmers and MVPD

Monthly Payment Process

starting at $750 / month • set-up costs waived with a 24-month agreement

Using the contract database we build and billing system data you provide, Leverage will report subscribers to NCTC, provide you with payment vouchers for all direct pay programmers and broadcasters, electronically report remittance advice to all direct pay programmers and broadcasters and answer basic questions programmers may have about payments each month.


Product Strategy Review

Priced based on your needs.

Some of our clients don't need ongoing assistance, but recognize the value in having Leverage provide a review of the product packaging and pricing. We can also work with you team to identify key road map items that can guide your decision-making and fine tune your approach. Maybe your team needs some fresh perspective? We're here to help.


Contract Negotiation

Contact us for pricing. Discounts available to all Video Content Management clients.

Whether it is a retransmission consent agreement, a vendor agreement or a regional sports agreement, our team has experience negotiating hundreds of agreements. We will fight for you to get your company the best results.


SubLogic Customer Profiling

Contact us for pricing. 

You collect loads of subscriber data.

 Financial data, geographic data, demographic data, Internet usage data and loads more.

Often, the hardest connection to make is between data collected and the company's strategic plan.

Leverage Cable Consulting's Customer Profiling service will create order out of the data chaos. 

We'll start by identifying the personality of user groups within your customer base. We will set up tracking procedures so that you can identify vital statistics around each group's spending habits, plan the most effective campaigns and maximize revenue potential. On an anonymous basis, we can benchmark your performance against other companies to help you better understand where you excel and where you can have the greatest impact on your subscriptions. Our platform and analysis is flexible, easy and requires only minimal, non-PCI data from your billing system.  

We will provide an initial overview of your customer profiles. You can opt for quarterly review or an annual review plan. 

We know telecom data. Supercharge your strategic plan today!





We don't believe in selling a client services they don't want or need. We have flexible, affordable pricing and provide each client with a customized quote to fit what is needed. We start with a phone call. You can ask us questions. We will have some questions for you. If you'd like, we will provide you with a suggested scope of work and quote.