You have your own fan club inside the company at all levels and departments.
— Robert Haulbrook, former CEO GTA Teleguam

The folks at Leverage have a wealth of experience of understanding the nuances of programming contracts, especially NCTC Agreements. They are able to help member navigate the sometimes complicated terms of programming agreements as well.
— Frank Hughes, NCTC

The complexity and intensity of video content negotiation has become a battlefield of sorts in recent years. There is a great amount at stake on both sides of the table. And ‘leverage’ is the perfect word to describe the environment.

In getting to know and work with Cheryl, I’m confident that all medium to small cable companies and video providers should work with her. She knows how to negotiate contracts and ensure that her customers are getting the best deals possible. I’m not sure why a smaller company or emerging company without fully dedicated resources wouldn’t want to have that assurance.

Her company, Leverage, is uniquely positioned in their segment.
— Dave Beasley, Head of Consumer Marketing, Allstate